Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AVON Nailwear pro nail enamel from 2012 Enchanted Spring limited edition.

I'm so late to post the swatches of these spring nail colors from AVON Nailwear pro 2012 Enchanted limited spring collection. 

  • From left to right: Perplexed Purple, Nude and Infused, Illusion, Apricot Mystery. 

These are among the first nail polishes that I purchased this year. I have not painted my nail during the whole chemo and radio sessions (about 7 months) and my nails were very weak and discolored due to the chemo drugs. I was  looking for everyday neutral colors and good coverage just to cover up my unpleasant looking nails. I was delighted to discover Nude and Infused ! This nude nail polish with pink/purple undertone and a pearly shimmer fits my skin tone and purpose perfectly. I couldn't stop looking at my nails under different lighting, and they all looked great! I have later compared this color with Zoya's addison (more pink and sheer with shimmer but not pearly) and Essie's lady like (without shimmer). Nude and Infused still wins!  

The ring finger color Perplexed Purple is a deep smoky purple color. A bit too light for my liking of a dark purple shade, so I mostly use it as an accent color or on my toe nails. But still a beautiful color for my skin tone. 

Illusion is a creamy pale green color with pearly shimmer which is not my usual everyday color. I tried Apricot Mystery however my fingers looked rather dark and dirty, so I gave it away to my 17 year old niece who has very light skin tone and blond hair and the color fits perfectly with her skin tone (envy). Right now I'm still in the hunt of soft orange tone nail color for this summer...... 

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