Monday, July 23, 2012

Quo Biodegradable Nail Polish Remover

I just randomly bought this nail polish remover at Shoppers Drug Mart and was really pleased with the product. 

It's free of acetone, which is the first thing that I check for a nail polish remover. It works effectively to remove light color nail polish (Romance from Avon) that I'm wearing on my nails(Update: It did not remove dark color as effectively). It leaves a bit oil residue on nails however I do not mind at all. Most importantly, it does not have a harsh odor, thought it does have a slight plastic smell, but much much better than other removers. $4.99 for 177ml is pretty good for this bottle.

As I quickly search the internet for the reviews of  this remover, I found the American pharmacy CVS also has an identical (except the brand) remover. I won't be surprised if they come from the same manufacturer.  Hopefully other pharmacies will fellow the step to introduce this nail polish remover and make it more available everywhere.   

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