Thursday, October 23, 2014

Topbox Benefit They're Real prive box review

This Topbox arrived while we were traveling in France.  Knowing what's in the box, I was very excited to try them.

This box contains:

(from left)
They're Real! Push-up Liner 0.10g, value $2.6
Stay Don't Stray Primer in Medium/Deep 2.5 ml, value $7.50
They're Real! Remover 7.5 ml, value $3.30
They're Real! Mascara 3g , value $10

The total value of this box is about $23, not the best box that I've ever received.

They're Real! Push-up Liner Not sure

This is the product that I was looking forward to trying. I like the concept and design of this liner, which has an angled rubber tip that seems to create foolproof eyeline. As a "fool" in eyeliner drawing, I find this liner is easy to draw flicks. However the formula is very dry, or perhaps the sample is too small thus the paste dries out so quickly that I have to squeeze out the paste at least twice to finish merely one eye.

Stay Don't Stray Primer in Medium/Deep Like a lot

This primer does its job in keeping eye shadows in their places all day. I received the darker shade of the two available, but it matches and disappears over my light/medium olive skin tone well. As I rarely wear heavy eye make up, this sample will probably lasts until it expires!

Benefit They're Real! Mascara  Love!

I have received this mascara before and liked it. This time I like it even more than before!

First of all it has the comb like rubber wand (that I prefer instead of the bristle kind) is good to grab my fine and thin lashes. The seemly intimidating spiky tip actually helps picking up my barely there lower lashes easily. For my fine and short lashes, this mascara lengthens and thickens my lashes nicely.  For my ultra sensitive eyes, I always pick waterproof mascara. Despite the fact this one is not labelled as a waterproof mascara,  it lasts all day without too much smudging.

Even though the full size mascara is out of my usual budget for mascara, which I normally toss it every 1-2 months and my #1 L'Oréal butterfly mascara costs about $10. However this mascara does comes in mini size that priced at $12.  I will certainly repurchase the mini!

They're Real! Remover No no

This is another new product. It's a creamy gel waterproof eye makeup remover. It removes mascara and eye makeup effectively, but it burns my eyes like nothing else! End of the story. I use the rest of the tube to remove makeup on my hands.

Final words

At the end, I have to say this is not the best box that I've ever received, and half of the products are rather disappointing. On the other hand, I'm quite happy to have two products that suit me and just these two items alone already worth the price that I paid for,  The bottom line is that I'm always glad to try out new products, especially from brands like Benefit.


  1. I'm glad to hear your thoughts on these Benefit products because I know they're getting lots of hype. My favorite mascara is the Maybelline XXL (discontinued).

    1. Thanks for commenting Galaxia! They're real is definitely my favorite high end mascara. As for drugstore brands, I find that L'Oreal's formula in general fits my fine, short lashes better.


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