Thursday, November 20, 2014

NYX butter lipstick review & swatches

lukab0073.blogspot.caThis is part of my quest of finding a classic and long lasting red lipstick.  I've seen many rave reviews about this line, and I have very positive experiences with the few NYX products that I have so far....

Unfortunately, there are no retailers carry NYX in my area, and does not ship to Canada by itself:(  At the end I ordered this batch from an Ebay seller.

From left to right with descriptions of color from NYX:
BLS05 Hunk, blue violet.  
BLS08 Mary Janes, true red.
BLS11 Licorice, deep burgundy
BLS15 Juju, coral red.
BLS17 Pops, mauve.
BLS19 Big Cherry, cherry red.

All the shades go on very creamy and smooth with satin finish (with a bit of sheen but no shimmer). It does not have fragrance, which I prefer. Compare to Revlon lip butter(for the name sake), it is less moisturizing but more pigmented. The demos below are without liners, which I would line the lips for a more formal look.

As the color does transfer, the shades that I have (which mostly deeper shades) all  leave stain on lips without drying my lips. The color and hydration stay strong as long as your lips do not have contact with other objects, that is about 3-4 hours for me. Reapply nicely.

Relevant beauty profile: medium/light olive skin tone.   

BLS05 Hunk, BLS11 Licorice

BLS05(Hunk) This is a bright rich orchard fushia pink. This is probably the brightest pink I would wear. Not my usual go to BUT I Love It!

Outdoor, after 2 hours wearing.

BLS11(Licorice) This is a deep berry but not vampy color. I like to line my lips with Mac lip liner in Current to add a bit more dimension.
BLS011 Licorice

Indoor lighting

BLS17(Pops), This is the lightest color from this purchase, but probably the deepest in the nude group from this line. It is a cool mauve nude. I have to say that this is the least wearable color of the batch. Even at winter time, it is still slightly lighter to my liking. I have to wear lip liner (Mac Spice) to make it work. 
BLS017 Pops

The Reds !

BLS15 Juju, BLS19 Big Cherry, BLS08 Mary Janes

BLS08 Mary Janes
BLS08(Mary Janes)  This is THE color that I was shopping for, and it does not disappoint me! The color is rich, classic red on the warm side.

BLS015 Juju
BLS15(Juju), Red with orange tone.  Very fun to wear for me.

BLS19 Big Cherry

BLS19 (Big Cherry). This is a slightly cooler, brighter red compare to Mary Janes. It would be a classic red for people with lighter skin tone or even myself in the winter, like now!

Under indoor lighting
BLS05 Hunk

BLS011 Licorice

BLS017 Pops

BLS08 Mary Janes

BLS015 Juju

BLS19 Big Cherry

Indoor under light

Although this lipstick line does not have the long lasting factor that I'm looking for, I do find Mary Janes(08) & Big Cherry (19) are beautiful red colors for people with my my skin tone, and I discover a new shade BLS05(Hunk) works on me.  Most impressively, the pigmentation is very strong and the lipstick is very comfortable to wear. For $6 listing price, it's totally worth the money.

What is your favorite red lipstick?

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