Thursday, October 22, 2015

My summer skin care add-ons 2015

Strictly speaking, here in Eastern Canada, we have about only 20 days of seriously hot humid weather during the months of summer.

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Therefore I pretty much using the same products that I used in the spring, with the following add-ons...

#1 item
This sunscreen gives a lightweight, dry finish and heavy duty sun protection!

Saje rose hydrating euphoric mist
This is a simple rose water. I used it before applying sunscreen in the days when my skin needed a wake-me up!

Every other night
First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
This is a very mild mix of lactic and glycolic acids that exfoliates the skin without irritation. The morning after my skin feels soft and glowy.
I like to buy the 28 pads jar instead of the 60 pads one. As both formats come down to similar cost per pad, the smaller size ensures fresher product.

Weekly treatment
Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (affiliate link)
This mask from Origins' new Original Skin line very much reminds me of the Sundari's Rose and Lavender Hydrating Mask in less 30% the price but a bit coarser texture. It cleans without stripping the hydration of the skin.

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