Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aura Pure Shampoo

I love the smell of Aveda products (most of them) since working for it's distributor in Taiwan some fifteen years ago. Although I rarely purchase Aveda products after leaving the company, I still go to Aveda salon for hair cut wherever I live to get the Aveda experience. 

I have a small collection of essential oils and was looking for the herbal ingredients of Shampure to recreate  its fragrance then I came upon this Aura Pure Shampoo that everyone is raving the similarity of Shampure. So I purchased this shampoo at www.spaboutique.ca when it offered free shipping for all orders. 

How can this be legal? It looks like Shampure. It smells like Shampure. It works like Shampure. It only costs half the price of Shampure (1/3 in many U.S. stores). The Aura brand has a range of products that are the exact duplication of Aveda ones and it's company Zotos is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shiseido International Corporation, a subsidiary of Shiseido Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. 

Oh well, I'll be sure searching for this item next time in U.S.! 

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