Monday, November 23, 2015

Twitter art exhibit

Recently one of my acquaintances tagged me for this challenge from 

I wouldn't even consider myself an amateur artist, as I only started doodling this spring using mostly the leftover art supplies from my kids.  While feeling flattered that someone thinks I'm qualified for this task, I genuinely think that this is a creative way to fund raise and encourage art creations.

Started in 2010 by David Sandum, #TwitterArtExhibit is a fundraising event that calls for all professional and amateur artists to create art in postcard size for anyone who visits the exhibit to purchase. 100% of proceeds go to charities/nonprofit organizations.

The next Twitter Art Exhibit will take place in Trygve Lie Gallery in New York, April 2016. The proceeds will benefit Foster Pride’s “Handmade” Program.

For more detail, check out:

 Now I have a reason to visit New York next spring!

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