Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015~~~

This Halloween fell on Saturday, so kids had two full days of fun for their favorite event of the year!  

My son's first costume idea this year was actually mummy. As I teared down an old bed sheet in strips a week before and tried to wrap my son into a mummy, we realized that it's almost impossible to remove it without unwrapping it, which made it a bad choice to wear it to school. Quick change of plan and luckily we were able to seize the very last costume of his second preference in his size. So this year his is a  Stormtrooper.  
Even though he did not need makeup this year, he still got up super early to bug everyone, and eventually went to school 25 minutes earlier!

So my face painting challenge this Halloween goes to their cousin Z, a crying doll with her mouth stitched. She found a video of a twisted doll makeup. I followed the same pattern but switched up the steps a bit. I painted the face from top to bottom (draw the eye brows, line the eyes, draw the tears then draw the stitches) after the base to avoid the chance of touching the areas that are done.  Except the $1 white face base, the rest of the makeup is done with products of my own. (BTW, the 8th grader cousin M is her own crazy version of Mad Hatter) 

3 years in a row as Snow White, my daughter has finally turned rebel, joined Jack Sparrow as a pirate this year! ‪I put dark brown eye shadow around the eyes & on the eye brows, a good long wearing black eyeliner (here I used NYX Slide On pencil) to line the eyes. A bit of bronzer all over the face and dark red blush to mimic pirate's tan skin. She is pretty satisfied of her pirate transformation! 

Happy Halloween!!‬

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