Thursday, March 12, 2015 & Shampure Composition Oil

I have not shopped Aveda products for a while, mostly because I have stocked about 2 years worth of products that I need from last year's trip to the states.  Now I just discovered that Aveda products are available through it's Canadian website It has identical look to, and with the value of U.S. dollar getting higher, shopping in Canada could be more favorable!


I quickly compared items that I have recently used/purchased. With the exchange rate now at 1CAD to .78 USD, some of the products are actually cheaper at!  Shipping is free with all orders over $60 (CAD) vs. $50 (USD) at There are practically the same offers with purchase at both .Ca and .Com. You can sign up the email newsletter to receive a welcome offer. My welcome offer is  free shipping with $30 purchase plus a travel size (50ml) Stress-fix body lotion value of $12.

Browsing around I discovered that Aveda has extended it's signature shampure line to body care products. I'm thrilled to see the multipurpose Shampure oil. It is priced at CA$36 that qualifies for the welcome free shipping offer. The order came 2 days after by Canada Post, and this is what I received. 

The Stress-fix is a lightweight lotion with lavender scent. With the weather getting warmer, it's handy to have this travel size lotion for a weekend trip. 

Shampure Composition calming aromatic oil
Before talking about this Shampure oil, I have to mention that I have worked at Aveda's distributor in Taiwan briefly in the last millennium (late 90's that is). I was literally in love with the Shampure scent and it continued to be my favorite scent for a very long time. Now just a sniff of the scent will take me back to memory lane.  I wouldn't say this scent is for everyone, at least not for my husband. For me it's an unique and soothing scent derived from 25 flower and plant essences. For a while I was trying to find the formula and mix it myself but far from being close. I couldn't be happier that Aveda presents this scent in a multipurpose medium.  

This composition with sunflower and meadowfoam oils is moisturizing yet lightweight. On the bottle is says it's for body, bath and scalp.  I use it as a body oil on the rough areas such as elbows and knees, as well on my stretch marks. It applies easily, soaks right in without a greasy feeling. I have not tried it in the bath but I image it should be mixed with unscented bubble bath product or added to homemade scrub. 

I'm most pleased with the result from scalp massage. It helps improve both my hair texture and scalp.  I use it once or twice a week to massage my scalp and neck before shower. I let the water run down my hair for a good 15 second before shampooing. No conditioner needed (I have fine, normal, above shoulder length hair), I can blow dry my hair easily with visibly less fall out. Now I've been using it for a few weeks, I notice my hair is softer and stronger. My scalp is also more relaxed, which seems to improve my constant headache that often leads to my condition of vertigo, which doctors have yet to find causes and treatment for it. 

So what more can I say? I LOVE this Shampure Composition oil! 

Do you love/hate the Aveda scent? 

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