Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! 

This is my first time posting my drawing on my blog. I've been drawing in the past few weeks while trying to get a better feel of the products that I will be blogging about (excuse for not blogging!). 

It all started from exercising the drawing techniques with my kids from the book "Draw Paint Print like great artists" by Marion Deuchars. Soon after I discovered the world of #instaart then I decided to give doodling a try. This drawing for Earth Day is the one that gave me the most gratification so far. 

Drawing is very Zen for me.  There's a lot of thinking involved from choosing the topic to the color and subject arrangement. The final thought of this drawing is simple: we (lives on earth) are similar and we are what earth is about. 

So respect our Earth! Make everyday a happy Earth Day! 

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