Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beauty DIY: Coffee body scrub

Ever since I start making my morning coffee with moka pot, I've been experimenting different formula to recycle the used coffee grounds as body scrub....

I always love the ideas of using edible items for skin, such as using olive oil to moisturize my hands before and after cooking, cucumber slices to relief and hydrate puffy eyes..etc. Now I'd like share with you my favorite body scrub!

The ingredients are simple: equal parts of used espresso grounds, turbinado sugar, and olive oil (about 2 tablespoons each), all from my pantry!  The scent of coffee is absolutely invigorating during the scrubbing action, once rinsed off, there's no coffee scent lingering on skin (maybe on the bathtub). I've seen somewhere recommending using coffee as facial exfoliator, however I would not use it on my rather sensitive facial skin.

The result is smooth, supple skin without the need for moisturizer! If you have used coffee grounds you must try it!

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